Depending on an effect you want, Awesome Gallery can link your images to the “original” page, custom URL or one of the lightboxes available. Currently, Awesome Gallery supports the next lightboxes:

  • Magnific Popup – a basic “fallback” responsive lightbox, default for compatibility reasons.
  • PrettyPhoto – a more powerful one. Included into Awesome Gallery.
  • SwipeBox – a good lightbox with support for touch device swipe gestures. Included into Awesome Gallery.
  • JetPack Carousel – a nice lightbox built into famous JetPack plugin. Requires JetPack to be installed and activated (for free).
  • iLightbox – a powerful commercial lightbox available from CodeCanyon
  • FooBox – yet another commercial lightbox. Very powerful too, just a bit different design.

Which one is best for you?

You can choose what lightbox is right for you using this feature matrix:

Magnific Popup PrettyPhoto SwipeBox JetPack Carousel iLightbox FooBox
Price Included Included Included Free Paid Paid
Responsive Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touch support No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social sharing No Yes No No Yes Yes
Comments No No No For on-site images No No
Slideshow mode No Yes No No Yes Yes
Skins available 1 6 1 1 4 5
Video support Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
IFRAME support Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Minigallery No No No No Yes No
EXIF data No No No Yes No No

And, an example.

Click any of the images below to see them in a lightbox.