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First things first – Responsive

All the Awesome Gallery layout modes are “responsive” which means that regardless of the device or screen size used Awesome Gallery will adopt the layout to present your images in a best way possible. And if you’ll enable on-hover effects which are perfect for desktop devices but are not supported on tablets – Awesome Gallery will find a best replacement automatically. Just enjoy building your galleries!

Is it all good with classic galleries?

Almost all the galleries available for WordPress only provide one layout mode – fixed aspect ratio grid with fixed row height and column width. Can thousands of users and developers be wrong? Not necessarily, but if you are, say, a print designer or a photograher, not all of your works have the same width-height ratio, right? Some images looks best as portrait, others – as landscape, and recently a wide “cinematic” 16:9 or even 2,35:1 formats became popular. With a generic gallery, it looks pretty much like this:


As you see, only the spider is lucky enough not to lose significant parts of the image. So, the question arises – how to show your images if they may have a different aspect ratio? Let’s try Awesome Gallery in “Horizontal Flow” mode.


Woohoo, much better. Awesome Gallery does not crop your images. It downsizes them to fit evenly in rows instead, making a smooth image flow. Here is now it works:

  • You set a maximum image height using Awesome Gallery editor
  • When loading, the gallery lays images out using the height set as the maximum value and aligning rows pixel-perfect.
  • You can choose if images in the last incomplete row will be shown.
  • And, every time the page is resized – Awesome Gallery automagically updates its layout positioning and resizing  images in a most efficient way.

Use Awesome Gallery, Luke!

What if photos are vertical mostly?

That is cool too. Awesome Gallery has a Vertical Flow layout mode when photos are placed in columns top to bottom, like in this example:

Let Awesome Gallery be with you, Luke!

What about a classic grid layout?

Sometimes all you need is a classic xxx by yyy image grid layout. It works great when most of your images are the same size for example for logos, portfolio images or may be photo sets. Awesome Gallery would not be awesome if it missed this feature.