With Awesome Gallery you can easily pull photos from any Instagram account you want, and show them after going through a few simple setup steps. Here is what we’ll try to build based on an awesome General Electic’s image feed:


The next tutorial assumes you already know How to create an Awesome Gallery.

Step 1. Sign in to Instagram

Obvious thing. To save time, you can open Instagram login page by just clicking “Log in to Instagram” button at Awesome Gallery editor page:Log in to Instagram


Step 2: Create an application

Next, you need to create an Instagram application / client. To make it easier, you can just click a “Create an application” button at the Awesome Gallery editor page:Creating Instagram application


A new browser tab will open with a new Instagram application page.

Step 3: Copy the data from Awesome Gallery to Instagram.

You need to copy the website URL and OAuth redirect uri values from the Awesome Gallery editor page to Instagram. Please make sure to fill Application Name and Description fields!Instagram application details


Click “Register” and you will see your application at the top of the application list of Instagram.

Step 4: Copy application keys

Now, you need to copy Client ID and Client Secret fields back from Instagram to the Awesome Gallery editor:

Instagram application list

Application keys copied to Awesome Gallery



Step 5: Authorize the application

Just click the “Authorize” button.

Authorize the app in Instagram


A new tab will open asking for permission:

Instagram permissions


Click “Authorize”, the tab will close, and you’ll  return to Awesome Gallery editor browser tab with access token already filled in:

Instagram - authorization token


Step 6: Check the token

Now, you need to check the access token just for a case. Click “Check authorization” button. If all the steps above were done right – you should see “VALID” next to token check result after a slight delay.

Check Instagram authorization

 Step 6: Choose what to show

All set, now we just need to choose what images to show. You can show your own image stream, or choose other user’s streams:Choosing Instagram feed


You can click “Check data availability” after choosing the feed just to make sure.

Step 7: Choose what goes where

Now, you only need to choose what goes where and adjust styling options.

Instagram - what goes whereThat’s all, folks!