Flickr is probably the most popular image pool on web. No doubt that Awesome Gallery supports it. You can build your galleries based on user’s streams, image sets, or group image sets. As an example, let’s try to build a gallery based on an awesome watch macro work by Ming Thein.


The next tutorial assumes you already know How to create an Awesome Gallery.

Step 1: Sign in to Flickr

First things first – you need to be signed in to Flickr. Assuming you already created a gallery, all you need is to go to Flickr tab and click “Sign in to Flickr”. You’ll see a new tab with Yahoo login page. If you still do not have a Flickr / Yahoo account, it is a good time to do that.

Screen%20Shot%202013-12-06%20at%2017.29.09 Sign in to Flickr


Step 2: Create a Flickr application

Next, you need to create a Flickr application. It is not easy to find where to create it if you are not an Awesome Gallery user. But, fortunately, you probably are 🙂 So, you can just click a “Create an Application” button at the Gallery editor:

Create Flickr applicationYou will see “If your app is commercial or not” screen. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose 🙂

Flickr app model


After filling up the form you’ll see after choosing the app type, you’ll receive two application keys generated by Flickr.

Step 3: Copy keys from Flickr to Awesome Gallery

You’ll see two application keys generated by Flickr for you:

Flickr keys


Now, you need to copy them to the Awesome Gallery editor page:

Flickr keys copied to Awesome Gallery


Step 4: Check if keys are valid

Just click “Check keys” button. Just to make sure they’re OK:Check Flickr keys


Step 5: Select Flickr username

Just enter it into the following box and check by clicking “Check user” to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Flickr Username


Step 6: Choose what user’s data to show

And after choosing the user you want to work with, there is just one more step – which photos to show. You can select user’s stream, one of user’s photosets, his favorites, or group pool for one of the groups user belongs to.

Select Flickr photoset

Step 7: What goes where

Now, you can choose what shows where with this settings block: Flickr what goes where


Step 8: Visual polish

And at last, you can adjust visual settings. Don’t forget to save your gallery 🙂

Image options



That’s all, folks!