You can show your Facebook photos or photos available at Facebook public pages with ease. Let’s take for example Britney Spears page and build a gallery like this one:


The next tutorial assumes you already know How to create an Awesome Gallery.

Step 1. Sign in to Facebook

Obvious thing. Just click “Sign in to Facebook” button and authenticate at Facebook as you usually do. After doing that, you can close Facebook (the browser will keep the authentication).Authenticate at Facebook


Step 2. Create a Facebook application

You need to click  “Add a new App” button. You will see your Facebook applications list (it will be empty most probably). To create an application, you need to click a “Add a new App” button:


Fill in your basic application details:

Step 3: Copy your authentication redirect URL

After creating your application, you will see a “Product setup” application options screen:


Click “Get started” at “Facebook Login” section and copy “Valid OAuth redirect URL” from Awesome Gallery’s editor to Facebook, then click “Save changes” at the bottom of the Facebook page:

Step 4: Copy App keys

Click “Settings” at the Facebook site, then copy App ID and App secret from Facebook to Awesome gallery settings:


Step 5: Receive the authentication token

Click “Authenticate” button at the step 5. Facebook site will open in a new tab asking if you allow your app to access your data. Click “Allow”. The tab will close and you’ll see two more tokens at the Awesome Gallery editor page:

Auth tokens


Note: These tokens may expire at some moment, that is how Facebook API works. When it will happen, a notification message will be sent to your WordPress admin email. You’ll be able to refresh the token by clicking Authenticate again. While the data will be unavailable, the most recent data available will be used for your gallery.

Then, you can check if the access token is valid by clicking “Check token” button, and proceed to the sweet part.

Step 6: Sweet part (choosing what to show):

Now, you just need to enter user’s login (or public page name), and choose which album to show. At this moment, you can already preview the result.Screen%20Shot%202013-12-03%20at%2020.34.17

Step 7: Polishing it

When all the data needed to  build your gallery is available, all you need is to configure what goes where and adjust gallery look to your needs:

Facebook & visual settings