500px is a relatively small, but outstanding photographers network. I just could not miss it when I built Awesome Gallery. Using 500px image source you can present your photo stream, your photos, or any other user’s stream along with common streams of most popular photos filtered by categories.
Let’s build a gallery based on “popular photos” stream.


The next tutorial assumes you already know How to create an Awesome Gallery.

Step 1: Sign in!

First things first – you need to sign in to your 500px account. Just click a “Sign in to 500px” button at the gallery editor screen:Sign in to 500px


Step 2: Open application list

Next things next… Now you need to register a new 500px application. Not to waste your time looking for a right link, you can just click “Register an application” button at the gallery editor screen. A new browser tab will open showing you an application list.

Register 500px application


Step 3: Register your application

Create “Register your application” button and fill the form. Don’t forget to fill “developer’s email” field! After filling the form, submit it.Register 500px application form



Step 4: Copy application keys

After submitting the form, a new application will be available at the application list page:500px applications list


Step 5: Copy application keys

Then you need to click “See application details” at the applications list and copy “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret” from the opened  section to the gallery editor:

Application keys




Step 6: Check keys, just to make sure

Click “check keys” button at the gallery editor screen, just to make sure keys are copied right and are valid.

Check 500px keys


Step 7: Choose what to show

Now, all is set and you just need to choose what to show:

500px - what to show


Step 8: What goes where

After setting up all the data source, you just need to configure what goes where:500px what goes whereStep 9: Polish!

Image optionsThat’s all, folks!