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Do you remember the next situation: You bought a plugin from CodeCanyon, but not all goes smoothly – you faced a bug, a failure, or just don’t know how to use some feature right. And, instead of a couple of hours you planned for building a page, it all takes almost a week to resolve. Not to waste your time, Awesome Gallery has a built in support requests feature – you can just send a support request, and Awesome gallery author will receive all the info needed to know your configuration and help you. You can also provide Awesome Gallery author an access to your site with one simple option. That all dramatically cuts the time required to resolve most of the issues, and you can focus on doing your job instead of waiting for excuses. Here is how it works:

When you are logged in as admin, “Ask for support” button is shown next to each of the galleries displayed on your site. Ask for support at the public site

And, if you want a support when you are editing the gallery, you can request it directly from the gallery editor:

Ask for support button at the gallery editor


When you click “Ask for support” button, you will see a support request submission form:

Support request submission form


Gallery URL will be inserted automagially. And, after submitting the form – all the data needed to resolve your problem will be sent to Awesome Gallery author, allowing to resolve the problem in the most efficient way.