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Awesome Gallery responsive WordPress Gallery plugin is now available!

Awesome gallery is an unique 3 in one premium WordPress gallery plugin. It allows you to lay images out in aligned horizontal rows, vertical columns without cropping them. Standard “grid” layout is available too along with lots of presets and admin interface designed for humans.

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Quick Example

In this example you can see how images of different aspect ratios are aligned in a continuous horizontal flow. Awesome gallery can also create no-cropping vertical flows or just act as a generic square gallery and crop all images to the same ratio.

More about layouts

Feature highlights

3 layout modes

You can present your images in 3 different ways - "horizontal no-cropping flow" , vertical no-cropping flow and generic fixed aspect ratio gallery.

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Unique vertical flow layout

Displays your images in columns without cropping them

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Admin part built for humans

You don't need to know all the web rocket science to build nice Awesome Galleries. Just choose an image source, follow few simple steps to set it up, and you're done

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Responsive & Retina ready

Your galleries will look great on all the devices. And even greater on Retina-enabled or other hi-dpi devices!

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7 builtin image sources

7 builtin image sources - Posts, Media, manual, and major image services - Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, 500px, NEXTGEN gallery, RSS feeds.

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Free automagic updates

Unlike other premium WordPress plugins Awesome Gallery can install updates automatically. You don't need to re-download and install it manually every time, leaving you free time to grab a cup of coffee.

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Fanatical support

WordPress's ecosystem includes hundreds of thousands plubins and thousands of themes. Some of them are really cool, some other are not. In such an unpredictable environment problems happen sometimes, so it becames essential to be able to resolve them. Awesome Gallery support is fanatical, which means that even if the problem is caused by some other code, but can be fixed easily - it will be fixed. For free.

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